About Us

We at Admito strive to be your friends in college selection process during admission time. The admission process involves too much information and too much stress. We understand the risks involved. Therefore, we have created Admito.

Admito is developed as an effort to help you in choosing the best path of your life. It is not just a tool but a friend which will understand you and your needs. It will give you the most accurate and corrective information about the choices you have. An expert in profiling, a master in information processing, an ace in counseling, Admito delivers trustworthy intelligence at your fingertips.

For none was left when I thought of it
Jargons and words filled me life's wit
Nevermore I think of works left behind
Furthermore from now is our true grit

A focus on what matters

In the market of unlimited choices and hard to ground marketing, choices run galore. We use the market with all its prowess to deduce and showcase the right path for an individual. Using analytics over tons of data, providing information with trust and panache, delivering services accompanying quality and speed form the cornerstones of our field.

The Team

We are one of you. We have seen this stage of confusion and dilemma. The part where the options are plenty but the choice can be one. The part where several colleges have several parameters to be looked upon. Our aim is to give you everything you need to determine your pick of education. The purpose is to deliver the most true and most accurate tool for selecting your premier college. We are a team of like minded individuals who have dedicated our energy towards the compelling dilemma of education seekers.

Manu Jain IMT Ghaziabad | NIT Jaipur

The person behind playing the product and its team in the rhythm. His passion towards his work would be defining traits. He is full of motivation and in depth product knowledge. He has got commendable networking skills.

Mukesh Kumawat NIT Jaipur

Most affluent integrator and coder in the team. His vast knowledge in computer languages and his lighting fast speed at keyboard helps our customers towards unparalleled services. We call him The Coder.

Suprabhat Sen NIT Jaipur

A true techie whom we are proud to possess. His unmatched skill in coding combined with unreal ability to generate logic makes him the pick of every company in the eastern hemisphere. We call him Good Morning.

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