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mohit jindal

17th Nov 2016

my 10th class score is 66.5%,my 12th class score is 79.2%,my b.com(h) score is 50% from distance learning from university of delhi and i have no work experience.so i want to ask if i got a decent percentile like 99.5 in cat,xat,iift than can i get best b-school like iims or fms delhi or xlri jamshedpur or iift college or spjain or jbims or any other best b school comparison with these??pls help, i am so confused ..thanx in advance...

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Manu Jain, an IMT AlumnusHi Mohit, I want you to check out the guidelines of these top colleges when it comes to distance learning graduation degrees. Do they give equivalent marks as full time degree. Also these colleges have little high standards when it comes to 10th and 12th. As you are lagging out there, you need to have an awesome profile to crack the colleges
18th Nov 2016

mohit jindalhow can i check they give full marks to distance learning graduation degree as equivalent to full time degree????and in guidelines they wrote they accept all graduation degrees with 50% marks..
19th Nov 2016

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