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6th Feb 2017

Hello. I got an Overall Percentile of "85.49" in CAT-2016. 10th- "89.40%" 12th- "76.60%" Grad.- "70.97%" (2014 "B.Tech." Passout). GENERAL MALE. Only 6 Months work exp. I have filled almost all major colleges in range of 80-90 percentiles. But planning to fill 1-2 as a backup. Amongst these colleges, Which ones are good to fill? NIT TRICHY, DoMS BITS PILANI or DSM DTU DELHI? Thanks. - SHIVAM DHAR.

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Manu Jain, an IMT AlumnusGo for BITS PILANI and DSM , Avoid NIT
7th Feb 2017

SHIVAM DHARI had already filled DSM DTU. But was little bit skeptical about BITS PILANI. Because they call the candidates mostly profile-based(Mostly like having Great Co-Curricular activities and Vast Work exp.). BUT I HAVE NONE. So Shall I fill it or leave it and focus on other colleges?
7th Feb 2017

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