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Srishti Saini

2nd Mar 2017

Friends does anybody has any idea regarding the BM Munjal college? Kindly respond

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Surabhi GuptaOk, lets get down to a reality check of the university: Faculty: The faculty is a mixed bag. Some faculty are good while some will bore you to the extent that you will sleep in the 80% of lectures that you attend, and believe me you will only attend 80% of the lectures. If you want to learn then you can refer to you books, MIT-OCW, edx etc. and also get in touch with the good professors. Research: Not much to talk about at this stage but the administration says that it is setting up some labs for research work for faculty and students so I will update you when that happens. Exam: The evaluation is continuous and there is no repetition of question as found in many university exams. So, yes the exam system is fare and no foul play takes place. Placement: I am a BTech student and so I am waiting for placement but the MBA placement has been pretty good if that’s anything to go by. The average package was around 8.5 Lacs and highest was 12–13 Lacs (don’t know the exact figures.) You can expect decent (but not great) placements. Students: A decent crowd with a mix of talented students as well as some good for nothing students. The decent group want’s to go for Masters or achieve something in life while the other half is not sure what he is doing here. Hostel: Pretty good and mess is also better than many universities including IITs. Conclusion: Yes, It is a new university and is finding it’s feet. It might rise or might stay dormant in the coming years , we will have to wait and watch but as a CSE student I can only hone my coding skills and look for opportunities/ go for M.S or MTech for IITs, IISc, or abroad/ go for MBA,(basically do whatever it takes to improve my career). Same goes for all the other branches.
2nd Mar 2017

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