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21st Mar 2017

What shall i prefer SCMHRD OR NEW IIM?

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Arushi MehraWhich New IIM ?
24th Mar 2017

Manu Jain, an IMT AlumnusNew IIM's definitely. Reasons beings a) IIM is an IIM. No matter old or new. 20 years down the line when people will ask you, you will be an IIM product. They are not going to ask, was it Bodh gaya or something else b) Go for SCMHRD, only if you have 5 clear points in mind which beat IIM's. c) I agree that NEW IIMs would not be able to give you the right exposure but trust me, in India all that matters is the Brand. An recruiter from IIM would always have a sweet corner for any student from IIM.
29th Mar 2017

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