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Akash Jain

24th Mar 2017

I was doing an internship until January and after it was over, I decided to study for CAT/XAT. I had done my UG in Sociology and have no background in mathematics which I had last done in Class 10. I want to take the months remaining till CAT/XAT to prepare for the examinations. However, this big gap in my resume will certainly make the interview panel question me for my reasons. I want to know what all are things they will assume or ask me or what all can I be doing in this time or if I should even take up some work/study while preparing for CAT/XAT.

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Manu Jain, an IMT AlumnusNo job; no work ex - no problem, you can do better than many with work experience. Join an NGO, experience it, share the cause, devote some time to it, associate and involve yourself with it. This will give you an edge over many. The advice however is not without a pinch of warning ‘beware of doing anything for window dressing in final admission round of CAT.’ There are many online courses called Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) which are rich in learning and are offered free of charge by reputed international colleges and universities like MIT, Harvard, Stanford University, University of Michigan. Inspired by Khan University these MOOC provide good learning experience and will prove to be full utilization of your time while preparing for CAT and thereafter. These courses are hundreds in number and provide learning on topics from ‘how to learn writing’ to ‘Project management’. Almost all the key areas in fine arts, humanities, science, economics, business, management, social studies are covered by MOOCs. It depends upon your interest what you would like to study. You will learn, effectively utilize your time and can proudly add it to your CV in PI round.
28th Mar 2017

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