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22nd Apr 2017

Hi... This is my first attempt writing CAT. My
10th CGPA - 9.2
12th % - 86.75
Grad CGPA - 7.0
Branch - CS
I passed out in 2016. How should I start preparing for CAT 2017. Please give me some suggestions

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Sarthak Lets assume you that you start your preparation from MAY 2017. For First 3 (May,June,July) months you should prepare chapter wise for all 3 sections. In this 3 months you should focus on your basics and try to solve as many question as possible. Don't focus on speed focus only on solving questions. From July onwards start giving Mocks, analysis of Mocks is very important and it will help you identify ur strengths and weakness. While giving mocks you should focus on speed. Try to attempt 50-60 mocks before you give CAT or any other exams. If you follow this approach religiously, I am sure will you be able to score good percentile. Incase you need online video, article, practice questions for preparation you can refer to http://mba.admito.in/Quant-Preparation-Material-for-MBA-exams
23rd Apr 2017

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