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Anshuman Das

24th May 2017

Hi Sir/Ma'am
Read that you are from admito..
Can you please help me with this.
I have a below average profile
66(10th) 75(12th) 56(Bcom)
12 months work experience..
And some certifications...

I am doing good with my Cat Preparation but one thing that brings me back everytime is my past academics.
I m well-known to the fact that I can never get into Old or baby iims ...

Can I get new ones or any other decent college like iift nmims sibm ximb DSE DSF or atleast IRMA..

Kindly Reply
Thank you.

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Mohit, an IIM-A AlumnusHi Anshuman The colleges which are not very specific with the academics and look for the personality. Of all the colleges you have mentioned, you can crack them easily given two things 1) You score marks higher than their cutoff 2) Till next March, you work on your profile and add some phenomenal points to strengthen your candidature.
18th Jul 2017

Anshuman DasThanks Mohit. What about baby IIMs ?
19th Jul 2017

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