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20th Jun 2017

I am planning to apply for SPJAIN GLOBAL?how is the course MGB and the college

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Gayatri, an IIM-L AlumnaSP Jain Global is a program designed for the International Exposure. It is a rigorous program with exposure to 3 or more countries. With all the positive thing about SP Jain and its brand, there are few heavy negative things that you should be aware about. 1) The fees. It is exorbitant. The total expenditure, including living expenses would go beyond 30lakhs. 2) Placements: The packages are not that high. They claim it to be around $25k- which is less compared to international jobs where you have high living and transportation cost. 3) Fun: You might not even get enough time to explore the countries. The program is hectic.
18th Jul 2017

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