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Meholi Sarkar

23rd Jun 2017

I'm a 3rd year B.Tech student. I wish to study MBA. Should I start taking preparations already for CAT 2019?

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Sarthak, the GK expertAlthough you can start preparing for CAT 2019, but I feel at this point in time you should try to build your profile, develop your skill set and focus more on your personal development. Participate in some national level events, organise some fest, Do some internships in management field. Also try to score as high as you can in last 2 years to enhance your grad percentage. See, CAT can be cracked in 1 year, 6 months, even 3 months are sufficient to crack CAT. It depend how strong your basics are. If you feel your basics are not the great you should first develop those before jumping to the preparation zone. If you wish to begin preparation for CAT 19, I would recommend you to start with verbal ability. Try to make a habit of reading newspaper daily and try to learn 3 new words daily.
30th Aug 2017

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