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27th Jun 2017

GEM 12th 77 10th 7.8 graduation 7.10 how much percentile i need to score for getting call from IIM L, IIM K

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Manu Jain, an IMT AlumnusWith the above mentioned profile your chances of getting into IIM L and IIM K are low , however a percentile of 97.5+ should be good enough.. You should also target B schools like MDI, XLRI, FMS which are at par with IIM L and K, these colleges don't consider your past academic record
29th Jun 2017

Gayatri, an IIM-L AlumnaFor IIM K, it is near to impossible. In my case they never called me even after scoring 98%ile. They put high weight-age to academics too. They want 90+ in all.
18th Jul 2017

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