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2nd Jul 2017

I have 80/91/70 in 10th/12th/B.E. And I have currently 33 months of work ex in IT industry.
Activities/skills- above average.
I am currenetly preparing for the NMAT/SNAP/CAT exams.
Can you please tell me if I will have a good chance of getting an admit into NMIMS Mumbai and SIBM pune with my profile?

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Gayatri, an IIM-L AlumnaFor both NMIMS and SIBM, more than profile, your marks in NMAT and SNAP matters. If you can score marks higher than their cutoff, you stand a good chance to crack both of them. Your high Job-Ex would be an advantage for you. In case you score enough to clear the cutoff, then the selection chance totally depends upon your GD-PI and how you present your profile. You can post your query again once you have the score in hand. I would be happy to guide you again. P.S: In the meantime, try to work on extra-curriculars to improve your profile. Joining the NGO, doing some certifications can help you a lot during interviews.
18th Jul 2017

Manmith Gayatri.. thanks a lot for your valuable inputs. I will share the score details once I have them.
18th Jul 2017

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