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2nd Aug 2017

I am in my third year of Economics (Hons) from Shri Ram College of Commerce.
I have started preparing for my CAT from July. I have been studying really hard but my AIMCATs are not reflecting that. I am scoring approximately 70 percentile (a score of around 60). How should I go about preparing in the future because this disappointment has been really taking a toll on me?

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Sarthak, the GK expertSaumya as you have mentioned that you have started preparing from July, giving mocks at such an early stage of your preparation is not going to land you any where. The poor performance will continue if you approach mocks this way. In order to improve your score in Mocks, you need to change your strategy. First complete 50% syllabus of all the 3 sections and then attempt Mocks. Attempt 5-6 mocks only, once you have done that compelete your remaining 50% syallbus and then do intensive mock solving, this will help you in understanding your strengths and weakness, It will also help in understanding which all questions are to be attempted and which all to skip. Try this strategy and trust me you will witness massive improvement in your mock scores.
3rd Aug 2017

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