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Pragya sahu

8th Aug 2017

Sir, I have 2 yrs of gap as the company in which I was placed did'nt provide the joining, So will I be able to get a good bschool in cat 2017 or should take amity college this year?

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Kanika Kamra, a SIBM AlumnaHaving a gap of two years does not mean that you will not be able to get into a reputed B-School. If you can justify your gap year effectively during your interview and say that despite the gap year, you were involved in number of things which taught you many lessons of business and life, you will be able to get through. Getting into Amity, which is a below average B-school is not a wise decision at this point in time. So prepare sincerely for the exams and then focus on your GD/PI. DO NOT GIVE UP without even trying to achieve your dreams. You have more potential than you think you really do!
21st Aug 2017

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