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Ayan Bhattacharya

8th Aug 2017

i am from Delhi technological university,polymer and chemical tech branch.
10th result-10 CGPA(there was no percentage system during our time)
12th result-94.2%
i am currently in my second year of college. I want to start preparing for CAT. how should i go about initiating my preparation? and is it a good decision to start this early? is it necessary to indulge in some form of extracurricular activities?

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Kanika Kamra, a SIBM AlumnaYou can start preparing for CAT from your third year onward, probably by June or July. By the time you reach your final year, you will have completed all the topics atleast once and can then start appearing for Mocks. If you start right now, chances are that you might forget all your concepts by the time you reach your final year and can get tired of preparing the same thing over and over again. However, it is highly recommended that you inculcate a habit of reading newspapers from now itself. Try reading articles from all sections of the newspaper rather than those which you are interested in. This will give you an edge over others when it comes to Reading Comprehensions and later in your GD/PI as well. Since you are an engineer, chances are that you will have certain advantages in Quant and Data Interpretation. So analyse your areas of strengths and approach your CAT preparation accordingly. Master you strengths and work on your weaknesses if you have enough time. Give the utmost importance to mocks and practice as much as you can with the right approach of solving the paper. It is also highly recommended that you get involved in clubs/committees of your college and build your resume and your skill set while you are still in your second and third year. You will be too occupied once you reach your final year and must see this as a golden opportunity to learn something new from these extracurricular activities. This will also give you content for your Personal Interviews.
21st Aug 2017

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