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10th Aug 2017

Whether 4 month study is enough to prepare fot NMAT?
How to prepare for the vocab of NMAT

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Pawan Anyone will answer
11th Aug 2017

Manu Jain, an IMT AlumnusI believe 4 months are enough to crack NMAT. Following time table should be followed if you wish to ace it. Starts with basic - For first 2 months i.e. - August and September, every week solve sectional test , I repeat Sectional test and NOT MOCK TEST. It will help you analyse your strengths and weakness In October - Work on your weakest and strongest section that you found out after giving sectional test. From November on wards start revising your concept and PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE. During this period you should give 2 mocks every day. Day before NMAT - Relax, Read success stories and believe in yourself and your preparation Since only 4 months are left for NMAT your strategy should be smart, DO NOT JOIN any offline coaching classes , go for online classes like BYJUS, HANDA KA FUNDA, Iquanta and others. Dedicate at least 4 hrs on weekdays (working) , 6 hrs (non working) and at least 8 to 10 hrs on weekends (working) , 6 to 8 (non working). Join Facebook groups like Iquanta, NMAT preparation and solve the questions posted on them.
12th Aug 2017

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