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Ajay Kumar Manher

12th Aug 2017

I have scored 81.70 in 10th and 75.20 in +2 and in Btech mechanical engineering scored 7.94cgpa .how much score required to join IIM's

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Sreejith Menon, a SIBM AlumnusIIM's are one of the top colleges in the country. Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Calcutta are the 3 most reputed of the lot. To get into any of these you need to have a minimum score in the 99th percentile in your CAT exam. Since you have achieved distinction marks in all the levels until now, you could target IIM-L or IIM-U. All the best :)
22nd Aug 2017

Ajay Kumar ManherThankyou for your suggestion sir😊
23rd Aug 2017

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