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12th Aug 2017

My score in 10 is 83 and diploma in mechanical engineering is 78 percentage and my b.e 91 percentage. One year work experience ,NCC C certificate holder and also completed B. A English part time, patent holder. What is cat required to join iim ABCL?

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Sreejith Menon, a SIBM AlumnusThat sounds like an impressive profile; it shows you're willing to learn and innovate, both great qualities to have. However, IIM ABCL are quite picky in terms of their selection. Since you have work ex, you may want to aim for a minimum of 98% in CAT and apply selectively among the four. On a side note, judging by your track record I am taking the liberty to assume that you are a quick study. Spend more time on Verbal ability - this could do wonders for you. All the best !
22nd Aug 2017

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