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Gaurav Sharan

14th Aug 2017

10th -78%
12th- 69.84%
B.tech- 70.6(graduated in 2017)
My CAT ཌ score-
I have placement offers from 2 companies but i am delaying my joining.
I am taking CATཌྷ only for IIM-C/L
If I just assume that I score around 99.7/8/9 ;will I get a call from IIM-C?

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Akshay AgarwalYou should rather prepare with job if you only target is IIM-C or L. Year gap can be a problem for final conversion.
22nd Aug 2017

Sreejith Menon, a SIBM AlumnusBasing an entire decision on an assumption is never a good option. If you're confident and have adequate resources to crack the CAT exam then go for it. However, it will always help you to see what their cut off from the previous year is and build a study plan around that. Since your competition for C & L are going to be a niche set with impressive track records, you may want to seriously consider accepting one of the job offers lined up. The work ex will give you a competitive edge. That being said, I would highly recommend against taking a year off. Taking a decision now would be ideal :)
22nd Aug 2017

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