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Sharad khutail

15th Aug 2017

if I start preparing now for cmat gmat cat.
will I be able to get a score required to get into imt ghaziabad or symbyosis pune?

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Sarthak, the GK expertYes 3-4 months should be sufficient enough to get calls from IMT G and SIMB Pune. To get into IMT G you would require a percentile some where between 89-92 in CAT while for SIMB Pune - 96+ percentile in SNAP exam should be good enough.
18th Aug 2017

Sreejith Menon, a SIBM AlumnusBoth are excellent institutions, good job on those choices! Your question depends on 2 factors - if you're a full time employee and how much time do you plan to devote to solving papers. Ideally, 3-4 months should be enough to achieve a decent percentile and crack the exams for both Ghaziabad and Symbiosis. When you start off, remember that you are already a couple of steps behind your competition. Dedication will be crucial! All the best to you! :)
22nd Aug 2017

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