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Supriya chundi

24th Aug 2017

Where can I get free resource in online to prepare for cat2017

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Sarthak, the GK expertFollowing links should help you to Ace CAT 2017 1. Quant Prep Material - http://mba.admito.in/Quant-Preparation-Material-for-MBA-exams 2. Verbal Prep Material - http://mba.admito.in/Verbal-Ability-Preparation-Material-for-MBA-exams 3. DI Prep material - http://mba.admito.in/Data-Interpretation-Preparation-Material-for-MBA-exams 4. LR Prep Material - http://mba.admito.in/Logical-Reasoning-Preparation-Material-for-MBA-exams 5. CAT Prep Folder - http://studymaterial.admito.in/end-moment-cat-preparation-folder 6. Quant Formula Handbook - http://studymaterial.admito.in/quant_formula_handbook/
26th Aug 2017

Supriya chundiThank you...To get 85+ Min...What to do..Can I choose certain imp topices from each area or I want to prepare all topics
3rd Sep 2017

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