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Antara Sarkar

IIM Jammu | Marketing Analyst | 4 weeks

About Antara

Currently pursuing my MBA from IIM Jammu, I came to know about Admito when they offered a live project on the field of customer behavior analytics using Heap Analytics. I have a background in statistics and have interests in arts and crafts as well as music.

Brief about the Internship

Had the best of learning experience, learn to use Heap Analytics, create marketing funnels and gained insights with hands on experience in web analytics. Tracked users coming to Admito website, looked at their actions, where the came from, how they behaved and tried to find out why they left and thereby give recommendations to decrease attrition rate and increase the amount of time spent by users. Caveat : some times it was difficult to handle the huge amount of data provided by Heap! (Gives you a peak into what all you could possibly do with data!!)

How meaningful was your work?


I already knew the importance of data in today's world, but that's all theoretical, this live project helped me appreciate the power of data and what one can do with it. Once you have access to data, it's just the matter of how you use it!

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Suggestion for upcoming interns

Do your best and leave the rest!" Not only will you learn here but also develop a different way of looking at things. There us no pressure and someone is always available to guide you through the journey.

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