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Dinesh Kumar Sisodiya

NIT Kurukshetra | Web Developer | 12 weeks

About Dinesh

I am a UI designer & developer. I love developing web application currently using PHP and Node JS is on the way of learning.

Brief about the Internship

I was assigned 3 assignments
1. easyChartDraw api using FusionCharts which was a fronted task and done using JS & Jquery
2. Keyword Fetcher which was a backend task done using PHP & SQL
3. College Dashboard Insight which was a fullstack task done using PHP, MySQL and easyChartDraw(first assignment) api

How meaningful was your work?


I have learn so many things some of them are like using OOP concepts in better way and how to code for an organisation , how to manage the projects.
I have also learnt working with Github.

How was your Overall Experience?

Suggestion for upcoming interns

It's a nice experience working with admito beacuse they are very supportive & co-operative, so you can easily work.

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