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Sreejith Menon

SIBM Bengaluru | Content Strategist | 5 weeks

About Sreejith

I am/was a mechanical engineer but that's just on paper. What I actually am is a compassionate human being who loves to listen and talk equally. When I got to the stereotypical cross-road after working for a few years as an engineer, I moved to Bangalore to pursue my MBA at SIBM-B, where I landed a live project with Admito. I occasionally pot the 8-ball, breathe Manchester United and have a passion for dancing.

Brief about the Internship

I worked on gathering traffic and directing it to Admito through various portals. Google Keywords is something I learnt along with competitive benchmarking. Audience analysis through the website. Content and community management through Quora. The difficulty of work was moderate due to some intense research work required but the guidance was par excellence.

How meaningful was your work?


I learnt many things but the most important of them all is the importance and magnitude of turning content to adapt to the requirements of the brand.

How was your Overall Experience?

Suggestion for upcoming interns

My advise to incoming students would be to utilize the excellent guidance that is available and maximize it to gain as much as knowledge as possible in the time available.
As Steve Jobs said - Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish.

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