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GD-PI Revolution

GD-PI Revolution - Convert More B-School Calls by Working Less

GD-PI Revolution - Convert More B-School Calls by Working Less

About GD WAT PI Revolution

A New Revolutionary Approach to crack toughest Interview Questions, write SOP that stands out, write Kickass Essays even if you suck at writing , dominate Group Discussion & that too in matter of few days Personalized to B-school calls you have received.
No Matter How Many Calls you Received
Even if you are appearing for Interview for the First Time
Even if you are a fresher or have limited work experience
Even you have poor graduation score, taken a drop or left the Job

Introducing GD/WAT/PI Revolution Comprehensive 2.0

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Services and Offerings

3 courses suited to all your needs
1) GD WAT PI Revolution Comprehensive
2) GD WAT PI Revolution Comprehensive-Elite
3) GD WAT PI Revolution Comprehensive-Advanced

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Testimonials of your students

Aravindh P G, IIM-Ahmedabad 2015-17
I was a little bit skeptical when I joined this course about its effectiveness. But you removed all my doubts today. (I did follow your previous lessons to a little extent, but the SOP lesson and Personal Interview modules helped me immensely) In fact, when I sent the first draft to my coaching center sir ( I joined last June for my CAT prep.) he told me it was fine :| He did not recommend any changes to it. You had given me an honest feedback and it looks better now.

I would not have believed that my SOP will look this neat, had you mentioned me the same, some 5 days back. I really thank you for transforming my SOP in a matter of 2 days. I am now starting your essay writing lesson. I am looking forward towards the next set of lessons from you.

Niharika Anand, NITIE 2015-17
GD/WAT/PI Revolution course has been very helpful for me. The course material is detailed and with good examples. SOP chapter was very helpful in writing succinct answers. PI chapter honed my skills to tackle all interview questions and feel confident while answering them. Essay writing chapters were very well explained about how to construct a good essay in just 20 minutes.
Your on-call support to help with all the doubts was indeed very helpful. This course has given me deep insight into myself and improved self-confidence.

Q&A with GD-PI Revolution

How interviews are conducted? How many mock Interviews you conduct?

By Admito on 15 Jan 2018

GD-PI Revolution First of all, I encourage students to go through part of the material and learn my methodology before their interviews are conducted. I want students to build a strong foundation first, take inventory of their stories/skills/hooks/capabilities. Once they finish these exercises, they can write better SOPs, Interview Answers.

Once you finish writing the first draft, your answers will be corrected and will be given the feedback and then you can schedule the call and you are given suggestions on what to change, improve upon. Phone conversation is also helpful for students to dig deeper into their past and suggest them possible workaround or solutions which are not possible over email or chat.

I use specific questioning methodology to get the content/information out of the aspirant's mind which is otherwise difficult if he/she tries to do it alone.

Based on my 3 years of experience helping hundreds of students and conversations with more than 200+ aspirants on phone, I have realized that many if not most do well with few mock PIs on phone with built in feedback instead of just conducting several mock interviews without much feedback.

So please understand that, this is not a rapid fire mock interview conducted in many coaching classes, this is different. If you want to practice more rapid fire interviews, then you might want to join other class for the same.

Some of them who need more practice, they join offline classes just for more practice. Those who have problems with communication skills, practice/rehearse more often to improve.
That's not to say offline PIs are not useful. They are indeed useful and you get better with every PI conducted in right way. But they might or might not be necessary for everyone.

I have also interacted with people who gave several mock PIs and their content still sucked. There has to be right balance of no of mock PIs and built in feedback.

If you are just looking for more and more PI for the sake of it, this course is probably not right for you.

Are there any sample essays?

By Admito on 15 Jan 2018

GD-PI Revolution No, I show you the step by step process with examples to write an Essay. I don’t believe reading 100 essays would do any good to you.

I don’t think more information solves the problem. It only overwhelms and confuses you. However, if you are interested in reading 1000s of essays–don’t join.

GD/WAT/PI Refresher contains in-depth coverage of over 175+ topics that will help build a strong foundation for dealing with the essay round as well as fact based questions during the interview.. You will also be given opportunity to evaluate your essays depending upon the course you choose. You can submit them and you will provided with the feedback.

When the course will start? How long I will get access to the course? What's the duration of the course?

By Admito on 15 Jan 2018

GD-PI Revolution Everything is already uploaded into Members area, once you enroll, you will get access to everything. New material is added on regular basis based on student's feedback. You will get lifetime access. Even if I update the course, you will get access to it at no extra cost.

However, I am in process of uploading Case Studies, Video/Audio Lessons and other advanced lessons in Member's Area. They should get finished by First week of January 2018.

Is this personalized? Will I get personal attention? What kind of help I can expect?

By Admito on 15 Jan 2018

GD-PI Revolution Yes, this is very much personalized. You will be provided with personal attention including reviewing your SOPs, Interview Answers and Essays. I will also help you for Institute specific calls. I have also created whatsapp group so that you can get chance to learn from others and avoid mistakes they have done.

You can ask us any questions you want about Interviewing, writing SOP, Essay Writing, Current Affairs (and anything else we are qualified to answer) and I'll reply to you personally. I can't be your "pen pal" (yes, there ARE limits on this). You are encouraged to wait for maximum up to 8-12 hours before I answer your questions (not counting night time) I usually try to answer question within couple of hours but sometimes that's not possible.

I don't expect you to call/message me at odd hours and expect reply within minutes. If you have patience and you can send me your SOP, Interview Answers and Essays well before the deadline, I can definitely help you.


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