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IIM Kozhikode has a rigorous acacdemic curriculum. The course is spread across six trimesters and the pedagogy focuses a lot on case based learning. Professors encourage a lot of class participation which brings about diverse perspectives from students coming from diverse bacckgrounds. The course curriculum not only focusses on traditional MBA subjects like Finance, Marketing, HR and Operations, but also on non traditional courses like Social Transformation of India, Environmental Management, Indian Economy to name a few. The elective courses give you a diverse range across all the verticals along with unique and interesting courses like Economics of Strategy (taught by Prof. Rajesh Upadhyaula), Business & Government (taught by Prof KK Ladha), Globalization & Culture (taught by Prof AF Mathew), Management Consulting - Profession & Pracctice (taught by Prof Unni K Nair) to name a few. IIMK also has a compulsory Social Development Project, a non-credit project course which has to be completed successfully by every student, failing which the PGDM degree would not be granted. Apart from these courses, IIMK also has 3 compulsory workshops as part of its academic curriculum namely - Entrepreneurship Workshop, Leadership Workshop and Consulting Workshop which is scheduled in trimester 4,5 and 6 respectively. Every vertical had 2-3 very good professors and they were very helpful in clarifying most of the doubts even outside the classroom hours

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