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Admito Think Tank (ATT) #13

How to prepare for GD-WAT-PI for MBA Admissions

GD-WAT-PI Expert, Founder of GD-WAT-PI Revolution

How to prepare for GD-WAT-PI for MBA Admissions

From 22nd January to 22nd February 2018, we at Admito Think Tank (ATT) invited Sukrut Khambete, GD-PI-WAT Expert and Founder of GDPI Revolution to guide the students on "How to Ace B School Interviews", "Tips for writing an Outstanding B-School Essay" and share some "Do's & Don'ts that one should avoid during a Group Discussion".

He has developed several products including GD/WAT/PI Revolution which incorporates principles from Sales, Marketing, Negotiation to get super fast results in cracking Interviews and Skyrocket your Percentile which helps students to identify and eliminate their biggest stumbling blocks in no time flat.

To get all your doubts clarified, post your queries with #gdpi18 on & before 22nd February 2018.

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Q&A with Sukrut Khambete GD-WAT-PI Expert, Founder of GD-WAT-PI Revolution

What is the secret to ace the GD and PI at top Indian B-schools?

By Admito on 22 Jan 2018

Sukrut Khambete The SECRET is that there is NO secret to ace GD & PI at Top Indian B-schools. It’s Methodical Preparation and Working on Right things.

After working with hundreds of students I have realized that most students don’t have specific strategies to approach GD PI preparation. They do it haphazardly. They rely on too many low quality resources. They don’t realize the difference between poor and great material. They hesitate to invest in themselves.

And the worst part is they spend most of their time working on Wrong Things e.g. Reading newspapers, magazines, googling for finding perfect answers, reading and copying SOPs from Pagalguy.

They don’t achieve their full potential and often fall short and engage in a cycle of giving CAT & other entrance exams over and over and settle for inferior college when they definitely would have gotten into better college the same year.

Instead, they should follow this kind of routine (Working on Not Urgent but Important things)

I & UI & NU
1. Submission of SOP/Form
2. Applying to certain Institutes
3. Reading experience of different Interviewees from Same Institutes you have calls from
4. Attending Interview
5. Investing in Right Resources
1. Identifying Hooks
2. Working on questions like Why MBA, Gap, Low Score Scenario Planning
3. Rehearsal
4. Essay Practice
1. Emails/Meetings
2. Interruptions
3. Phone Calls
1. Web Browsing
2. Social Media
3. Reading/ following Pagalguy for trivial matters

That’s what I teach students inside GD WAT PI Revolution to become more methodical and work on right things (become more effective rather than being efficient).

What are the some Do's and Don'ts that one must follow while writing an essay?

By Admito on 22 Jan 2018

Sukrut Khambete Do’s
• Interpret the Question being asked
• Use approaches like SPELT (Social, Political, Economic, Legal, Technological) to develop different ideas
• Choose the short, simple word over the long obscure one

• Overstate or Understate: Match your words with the strength of the evidence
• Don’t Start an Essay with “in this/my essay” Phrase. Introduction has to present the main idea of the essay and reveal what you are going to talk about.
• Avoid using Negative Language, don't use words with negative suffixes, phrases with negation, etc.

How can an introvert crack group discussion?

By Admito on 22 Jan 2018

Sukrut Khambete If someone is Introvert, he/she should follow some rituals on a daily basis in order to improve upon his/her communication skills and get over his fear of speaking in front of others.

Take a newspaper or article, read it aloud and speak each word slowly and very carefully in mic and record it on your smartphone or your MacBook/Laptop

Now record for 2-3 minutes, hear the recording. Increase the recording time, gradually. Make sure you follow Box breathing exercise before it and drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated.

Learn Box Breathing

Now observe few things.
1. How does it sound?
2. Do you speak too fast or too slow?
3. Do you pronounce words clearly? If you were a listener of the news, would you want to listen to your voice EVER? (This is a very important test because if you don't like your voice, then why would other people would want to hear about it)
4. Do you use take deliberate pauses and emphasize on right words?

Observe this and then do next set of round, take any topic of your choice, you have to talk about it for 2-3 minutes on it and record it. Gradually increase recording time.

Again, use the method I mentioned above. Observe few things.
1. How does it sound?
2. Do you speak too fast or too slow?
3. Do you pronounce words clearly?
4. If you were a listener of the news, would you want to listen to your voice EVER?
5. Do you take deliberate pauses and emphasize on right words?
6. Do you use filler words like "uh's" "ah's" "like's" "you know

Repeat method 2 in front of your mirror looking straight into your eyes. No matter what happens,do it even if you tend to forget, even if you tend to use wrong grammar, improper sentence structuring, say everything looking into your eyes in the mirror. Gradually increase recording time.

Observe few things.
1. How does it sound?
2. Do you speak too fast or too slow?
3. Do you pronounce words clearly?
4. If you were a listener of the news, would you want to listen to your voice EVER?
5. Do you take deliberate pauses and emphasize on right words?
6. Do you use filler words like "uh's" "ah's" "like's" "you know" in your speech.

7. Check your body language, check your face gestures. Are you smiling or looking and speaking like a trained robot? Do you exude energy when you answer?(I had this problem of expressionless face when talking something serious)

This method forces you to deliver authentic and genuine answers because when you are looking in your eyes, you can't access your logical brain (which people use to memorize answers and blurt out illogical rehearsed and memorized crap)w" in your speech.

These are “place-filler” sounds designed to keep the listener’s attention on you even while you’re trying to think of what to say next.

And there are lots more nuances to this, but this is just basic. Now you if you have friends or if you have joined classes, take their help.

Choose a discussion topic comfortable to both of you which has 2 different/opposite views. Choose the side/view you agree with. Prepare for 5 minutes, write down the points you are going to present. Tell the other person to choose an opposite/different side. Start the discussion. As soon as your friend presents a view, you are going to counter him/her by presenting a counterview. Let the discussion run for 15-20 minutes. Let there be a Third person to give you the feedback.

Then choose the topics which are increasingly difficult and follow the same process.

Then, once you start seeing the improvement, you are going to choose sides/views you disagree with, this will help you understand the other perspective.

If you can get more and more people over the time to help you with this, you can improve your GD skills.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. I share many of such great strategies inside GD WAT PI Revolution

How GD WAT PI Revolution helps students crack GDPI of Top B-schools in India?

By Admito on 22 Jan 2018

Sukrut Khambete GD WAT PI Revolution is developed over more than 3 years as of now. I brought novel concepts from Psychology, Marketing, Systems, Sales, Body-Language, Law, Negotiation, Dating, Conflict Management, Sports & Performance Management and implemented them here to give students an edge over the competition.

If you take a closer look at classes, they have been using the same old methods/approaches for last several years. They haven’t done any innovation when it comes to helping students better equip with the right skills to face GD WAT or PI.

The environment is rapidly changing and old methods/approaches are becoming obsolete. That’s why I have come up with unique, fresh and innovative approach to this.

Inside GD WAT PI Revolution, I teach students how to develop unshakable foundation based on which they can start preparing for their Interview, Group Discussion or Essay. When someone develops the foundation correct, everything else becomes easy. They don't have to invest ton of time thinking of cramming, memorizing the answers, reading random news, attending tons of mock Interviews and Group Discussions.

I teach all of these with the combination of right strategies, rituals, practice exercises and case studies. If you go through it, do the practice exercises, learn the strategies, case studies and take my help, it will become easier for you to get that extra edge in GD WAT PI.

To know more, check out the Partner's page of GD WAT PI Revolution

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