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SIBM Bengaluru - Management Education with a Quantitative Difference

Admission Team of SIBM Bengaluru joins ATT to clarify your doubts regarding the placements, internships, fees, college life and much more & guide you through their Admission process.

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Q&A with SIBM Bengaluru Admissions Committee

What is the duration of classes per day?

By Admito on 30 Nov 2017

SIBM Bengaluru Classes start at 9:00 AM in the morning and go on till 5 or 8 PM in the evening. We take lunch-break at 1:15 PM usually and it lasts for 45 minutes. However, there is no fixed mandate on timings. So, usually classes go on for 8-9 hours daily.

What kind of academic system does SIBM Bengaluru follow? (semester or trimester)

By Admito on 30 Nov 2017

SIBM Bengaluru SIBM Bengaluru follows Semester system. 2 year regular MBA program is divided into 4 semesters.

When do we choose our specialization (majors)?

By Admito on 30 Nov 2017

SIBM Bengaluru After the completion of 1st year, students can choose their specialization.

What are the streams that SIBM Bengaluru offer?

By Admito on 30 Nov 2017

SIBM Bengaluru In the first year we cover General Management courses and specialisations begin in the second year. Finance, Marketing, Operations and HR. Specializations offered.

What are the subjects offered in 1st semester?

By Admito on 30 Nov 2017

SIBM Bengaluru Business Statistics, Microeconomics, Basics of Financial Management, Financial Accounting, Marketing Management, Organizational Behaviour, Operations Management, Legal Aspects of Business Corporate, Social Responsibility, Creativity and Innovation Business, Communication Technology in Business, Integrated Disaster Management, Business Environment.

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